Bespoke Design

Good design is of paramount importance to us. All our fabrics are conceived, designed and hand-drawn by us in our studio at the mill.

The Creative Process

All our artwork is done by hand. A skilled hand-drawing has a unique quality, unmatched by computer generated or digitally produced work.

Our design process begins with freehand sketches and hand-painted ideas on paper, which are then developed into repeating patterns. Reference books are often utilised if a specific style is required or we may refer to antique documents for historical replication projects.

The colour balance is a crucial part of the creative process at this stage. Multi-coloured patterns require careful calculation and visual consideration. 

Colour Separations

Once pattern repeats are worked out, colour separations are traced off by hand from the original design onto draft film, using pen and ink. When the full-width films are completed, they are used to engrave the design onto the ‘silk’ screen, via a basic photographic process. 

A new film is traced off for each separate colour within the design, thus dictating the number of screens per design.

Colouring Up

Now the fun starts! Once the screens are made, the sampling process can begin. Print colours can be selected from our extensive standard range, along with basecloths from our natural, pure finish collection of linens, silks and cottons. Samples are then printed for customers’ approval.

Custom Colours

If a specific print colour is required to coordinate with a client’s scheme, our expert colour mixers can create one. We can match to anything, from a cashmere sweater to a carpet tuft! 

Textiles can be transformed by simply altering or adding colours and thus the appeal and suitability of a fabric design can be greatly expanded.

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